Echo Tanzania - About Us

Whether you visit our vibey office; interact via email with our sales, finance, marketing or admin staff; or deal telephonically with our client support team, you will immediately recognise that our high energy team is passionately engaged in delivering the best client experience possible.

We encourage our people to be inquisitive and brave in the pursuit of excellence, while still acting with integrity and professionalism. This balancing act requires exceptional leadership, and we have that perfect balance!

We also have in-depth knowledge of technologies, business needs, and the Tanzanian business environment. Combining these competencies, we constantly innovate our services to meet business requirements. We achieve this by infusing technology with business networks, maximising our clients' profits by lowering their operational costs. Integrating multiple carriers and providers, we are able to bring the very best services to our clients via a converged multi-carrier network.

The advantage we bring is the ease of dealing with a single aggregator of services, who both understands the landscape and is able to offer best price and blend of services. We simplify the complexities clients experience when aggregating infrastructures.

Launched in mid-2021, the timing was perfect for Echo to enter the Tanzanian market as an ICT provider for mid-sized businesses.

Strongly client-focused, Echo Tanzania provides services to the market in an innovative way that significantly simplifies the complexity involved in multi-vendor engagements across connectivity, cloud, security, managed networks, and ITaaS solutions.

The heart of our business is our staff, and the passion and enthusiasm they have for their work continues to make us the company people aspire to join or partner with. 

We have geared our business around 4 key principles:

Be the best place for great people to work

A company’s success really is all about the people. While skills and qualifications are important in a technology business, these can be taught. The most critical thing is for us to attract, grow and retain awesome people with the values and attitude that underpin our culture.

To be the employer of choice in Tanzania is not an easy goal to set ourselves, but we continue to attract amazing people. We are energetic problem solvers and we love how our work opens eyes, deepens understanding and enhances relationships.

Set the bar for client service across all industry sectors

We are fun to do business with, and we want all interactions our clients have with us to be as easy as possible. Our omni-channel support model means our clients can contact us via any of their preferred mediums - chat, email, or phone - all integrated into a single platform.

Approach technology as an integrated ecosystem

Our experience in the convergence of ICT services allows us to intersect and orchestrate solutions in ways that deliver a unique value proposition, via our Digital Services Gateway.

We simplify complexity by integrating connectivity, managed networks, ITaaS, cloud and hosting, and managed security services to consult, design, manage and support your entire ICT environment.

Shake up the model of internet connectivity by providing the internet as a utility

Imagine a world where your internet service delivers exactly the amount of bandwidth your business needs, based on your fluctuating requirements during the month and not on throughput limits or affordability constraints. Well, we are revolutionising the model of internet service provision by delivering exactly that! 


While we have vast network coverage and a basket of exceptional solution offerings to deliver across and around that network, it is how we do what we do that makes the difference.

Our high-energy approach means that we attract great people, and our MD, Aashiq Shariff, is no exception. Describing himself as a humanist by nature, Aashiq is an entrepreneur, sales and business development expert, coach, mentor, writer, artist, TEDx speaker, and a dad.

Aashiq has over 22 years’ experience of sales, business and product development, business strategy, people and business management, business consulting and personal development coaching.

During this time in different companies, he has served in various leadership positions bringing innovation and success to the businesses by playing a pivotal role in improving technology and connectivity in Tanzania; and quite possibly the East African region.

Each member of our team has unique experience and proficiencies, with many having spent over a decade in the ISP industry. Our highly adept engineers boast a number of Cisco qualifications, including CCIE and CCNP, as well as Fortinet security certifications. Our projects, operations, finance, sales and other resources are equally skilled and qualified in their particular areas.

You will find us seeking out young talent, and continually mentoring and developing our existing people. We make it our mission to find people with the right values and drive to succeed, and invest in those individuals as they grow their skills and qualifications from basic to advanced competence, alongside our more experienced resources.

We exist to connect everyone, anywhere and we are bonded by our drive to make that happen. Come and visit our offices and experience the Echo Tanzania difference.

A key component of what Echo has to offer is partnerships with the best providers, and with this in mind we have collaborated and worked closely with a variety of partners, each one adding distinct value to our portfolio of services. Along with these partnerships, we provide industry-leading technology offerings to our clients, ensuring the highest quality of service.