Echo SP South Africa - Home Page

We are the single point of contact for all your communication needs, including managed networks, hosting and cloud, internet and last mile connectivity, as well as security and firewall services, all supported by our exceptional client services team.

Taking an independent approach to sourcing, building and managing converged communication networks, means we deliver solutions that are the best in the market while remaining vendor neutral.

Coupled with the aggregation of leading technologies, our carrier neutral network adds significant value to our clients.

Be it wireless, fibre, or satellite, our mastery with aggregation enables us to provide our clients a constantly growing portfolio of services from a wide range of last mile technologies, in an ever-changing market.

We extend and integrate our cloud services, internet access, managed networks and VPN Exchange, security services, and more. Not just in South Africa, but across the continent and beyond.

Echo has created a Supernet by consolidating networks and infusing technologies and services into these networks, while remaining carrier neutral.

As South Africa's first carrier neutral aggregator, we have access to the leading networks and providers in the market. Our Supernet continues to grow and includes access to, and services from, more than 50 different providers.

Our Superswitch core network is built with VPN’s in mind. Aggregating connectivity across varying technologies into a single, seamless network is what we do best. Our vision is to provide flexibility to clients across networks, not just on the last mile technology, but throughout your network.

Our VPN Exchange has been specifically designed to allow multiple VPN’s to interact and allow traffic to flow safely between one another in a controlled, managed and secure fashion.

Clients who need to interact with other suppliers, clients or partners of theirs who are on a VPN with a different supplier can now do so without the requirement for additional, unnecessary connectivity and complexity. The VPN Exchange service makes convergence between networks a reality.

Our extensive interconnection with a multitude of networks and carriers, extends our coverage far wider than any one single network. This means we have a larger network than any other provider in South Africa - a statement we believe to be true and one we continually strive to validate.

The heart of our network resides at Teraco, with presence in Isando (Gauteng), Teraco Cape Town and Teraco KZN, providing us with superior hosting facilities for our network, specially constructed to provide a high performance, secure, and scalable environment, and ensuring that power supply and networking are both a priority.

In addition, we have access to POP’s and services throughout South Africa and are constantly expanding our reach and partnerships throughout Africa and globally. With the use of our virtual POP deployments, we are able to not only bring networks back into our core in a structured and well managed manner, but also, in many instances, to build in-country aggregation.